1938 Alfa Romeo 6C SS Torpedino
1938 Alfa Romeo 6C SS Torpedino.

1938 Alfa Romeo 6C SS Torpedino

One of Alastair’s daily drives and a more recent purchase: the 1938 Alfa Romeo Torpedino. A very rare and very beautiful car.

This is a 1938 reconstruction of the original Torpedino commissioned by Enzo Ferrari. The suspension was designed by Porsche and predates the Volkswagen Golf and Beetle, which used similar systems. It has trailing arms, independent rear suspension, swing axles, and pull-rod front suspension “like an 80s Grand Prix car.” Considering her age these features are pretty impressive and make her one of the fore-runners to modern motoring.

I’m lucky enough to own some of the most beautiful cars to have ever been built.

Photographs by Gerard Brown

Car Facts

Alfa Romeo
6C 2500SS Torpodino
Engine size
4 speed, no synchro on first or second gear
Nicknamed: Torpodino. 1938 reconstruction of original; commissioned by Enzo Ferrari; suspension designed by Porsche; pre-dated Volkswagon Golf & Beetle; trailing arms; independent rear axles; pull-rod front suspension; all-aluminium coach built by Touring, Milan; the first Superlegerra body, a new patented system of steel tubes instead of a wooden frame.

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